Mark Smith

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients think of us

“Before lockdown hit I would have sessions with Mark at the gym and I thank god he is the sort of innovative, creative, fast thinking personal trainer that in light of the lockdown and the incredibly sad news the gym wasn't going to re-open, hit the ground running, scooping us all up, motivating us daily with inspiring words, amazing receipes, and re-working our training sessions in whatever way suited us best, with personal programmes, Zoom sessions and all with good humour, SAS like tactics lol, any equipment or no equipment!!! Can't recommend Mark highly enough!!”

“I was training with Mark pre lockdown and he knew what my training requirements were as a runner. I was always happy and motivated during my sessions and felt that I could achieve my running goals and more. Then came lockdown. As a total technophobe I was reluctant to try online training. But I missed working out, so bought a tablet and ventured in to the world of Zoom. I have to say that it is so easy to use and Mark continues to motivate and challenge me. I’m even doing my own sessions in between my Zoom sessions which is something I wouldn’t have done before. So if you are looking to start training or resume training. I can highly recommend Mark Smith PT.”

“Mark helped me get my fitness back on track! After two c sections, I decided to have some PT sessions with Mark during my second maternity leave to help me get fit and loose the baby weight. I absolutely loved my PT sessions! I have never been keen on going to the gym, but I actually looked forward to every session. I was amazed at the improvements I could physically see from just one hour session a week with Mark. I now feel confident on working out in the gym on my own, Mark has given my a program to follow. I would really recommend Mark, especially new mums who are looking to get fit. Thank you Mark!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to have some more PT sessions in the future!”

“What can I say mark has kept us all going during lockdown without his encouragement I think I would of given up but I have run everyday During lockdown and also done some very challenging programmes that mark has written up for me he is always there for us and it’s a pleasure to be a part of his group he’s carried on despite this being a very difficult time and made the best out of a bad situation Well done mark I’m fully behind you I couldn’t do this without you 🤩 you truly are a star”