What is P-FIT?

P-FIT is our very own Personal Fitness Tool that:

  • Involves a mixture of cardiovascular, weights and bodyweight type exercises
  • Is a great way of challenging yourself whist getting into shape
  • Is a personal test of strength, speed, fitness and endurance and is quickly growing in popularity year on year
  • Encourages all levels of fitness, ability and age to take part
  • Is a great way of improving your overall fitness whilst training in a very social environment with likeminded people
  • Currently comprises of 2 yearly challenges designed specifically to promote individual improvement
  • The P-FIT Challenges consist of a group of chosen exercises whereby the participant is able to select which weight, speed and effort level they wish to perform each one. The exercises are broken up into ‘Work Time’ and ‘Rest Time’ with the rest period coming after each singular exercise.
  • The participant aims to complete their best number of reps/distance on each exercise to provide them with an overall score. The scoring system provides a great gym based training tool leading up to the event; with individual improvement being the key goal!
  • P-FIT promotes fitness for all abilities from complete beginner to experienced athletes. Our P-FIT challenges provide the opportunity for people (who would have never contemplated it before!) to take part and test themselves!

If you enjoyed this year’s challenges and would like to enter the next one or you would like to find out about other similar local events then please use the link below.


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